International Students

Arabic for Communication Course

The course is aimed to attract the beginners who are non-native Arabic speakers with interesting activities – based learning. This concept is designed to emphasize four main language skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing towards understanding the Arab culture.

Features Arabic for Communication
Level 1
Duration 10 weeks
Class Schedule 18 hours/weeks
20 persons (max)
  • Communication Skill
  • Writting Skill
  • Reading Skill
  • "Nahu & Sorf"
  • Islamic Arts & Arabic Culture
Outdoor Activities Arabic Camp / Arabic International Day


Throughout this Arabic for Communication Course, students are able to gain new experiences with these activities:

The Main Attraction

Lecturers of Arabic descent and experienced local
 - Participants are able to learn Arabic language from the native speakers of the language.
 - Lecturers with extensive experience in teaching Arabic language. Teaching and Learning Style
- Learning Arabic through the concept of cultural exposure.
 - Student-centered approach is utilized in every activity conducted inside and outside classroom. Conducive Classroom
 - The classroom is in the best condition, completed with teaching and learning facilities.
 - Helpful for better teaching and learning process. Arabic Camp
 - Participants can practice their Arabic language skills independently in Arab-like environment.


English Intensive Course

In over 20 years-experience contributing education, Kolej Yayasan Pahang had vast experience in conducting short courses too.
We offered several English short Courses to young learner, teenagers and adults such as:

Short Courses Participants
English for Fun Young Learners (6-12)
Intensive English Course Teenagers (18-21)
English & Computer Skills Teenagers (17-21)
Malaysia University English Test (MUET) preparatory class Teenagers and Adults
Basic English Communication at Workplace Adults
English for Beginners Adults


Now, Kolej Yayasan Pahang move a step forward as we offer more short courses to foreigners.
As we are marching beyond the border, we offer varied packages for you to learn English.

Features Daisy (English Proficiency) Jasmine (English For Communication) Hibiscus (English For Workplace Communication)
Duration 14 weeks 14 weeks  14 weeks
Class Schedule 6 hours per week 6 hours per week 6 hours per week
Level Beginner Intermediate to Advance Intermediate to Advance
Class Size 15 maximum 15 maximum 15 maximum
Subjects Basic grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking Basic of Communication, Formal and Informal Communication, Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation and Intonation Presentation skills, Public Speaking, Report writing, Grammar
Assessment Reading Comprehension and Writing  Oral presentation Oral presentation and Writing


The Main Attraction

Cultural Education
 - Participant will be brought to some places to learn the.
 - New experience for participants to be memorized forever.

Conducive Classroom
 - The class room is the best condition, completed with teaching and learning facilities.
 - Helpful for better teaching and learning progress.

Teaching and Learning Styles
 - Experiential Approach will be used in teaching and learning sessions as adults learn better this way.
 - Student-centered Approach will be used in every activity conducted inside and outside classroom.

 - The lecturer has vast experience in teaching adults.
 - Creative in planning the lessons and specialize in English Language teaching methods.

How to Register

Admission Requirement

 1. Education Malaysia application fee and processing fee of RM2,500 / USD833 in the form of bank draft and made payable to IKIP Education Sdn. Bhd. (We will assist in VISA application).
 2. One certified copy of Secondary School results/A-Levels/O-Levels or equivalent.
 3. One certified copy graduation certificate/leaving certificate/testimonial.
 4. Three (3) sets of coloured photocopied passport - all pages including front and back cover on A4 sized paper (validity of passport must be more than 5 years).
 5. Eight (8) recent passport photos - sized photographs
 6. For Sub-Sahara Africa countries, the student has to submit the No Objection Certificate (NOC) - completely filled and verified by the student's Home Country Ministry of Higher Education.
 7. Health Examination Report - completely filled and signed: enclosed with laboratory reports.

Documents must be couriered or mail to


International Student Office, IKIP International College, Compus Taman Gelora, Jalan Dato' Abdullah, 25050 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.

Email & Contact Number:

Name Tel Email
Ng Loo Ee +6019 6587 150 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Murni +6013 9917 620
Norlia +6018 9121 059
Nadhila +6012 9615 394


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Our Location

Kuantan, the state capital, is located on the east coast of Malaysia and facing the South China Sea. The city is fast developing into a modern commercial centre, yet retaining its unique age-old charms. Now, modern high-rise structures coexist harmoniously with pre-war shop houses and colonial buildings.


Kuantan is vibrant, clean and punctuated by lush greenery that gives the town a refreshing countryside atmosphere. Food is easily available as there are many restaurants and open air food stalls selling local culinary delights. Its nightlife is an affair of colorfully decorated stalls selling anything from handicraft to costume jewelry and farm produce.


The State Mosque, with its distinctive dome and minarets in a pastel shade of sky blue and mint green, stands regal in the middle of the town. The Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque is a prominent landmark to all visitors coming into Kuantan. Nearby, in stark architectural contrast are the Kuantan Parade, Berjaya Megamall, East Coast Mall and Kompleks Teruntum, three modern shopping and office buildings, and part of the Kuantan skyline. The colonial-styled Courthouse, Art Museum and the office of Pahang Tourism at Jalan Masjid, the Forestry Department office and the post office, all add a lovely contrast to the many new buildings sprouting around the city center.  



Old Kuantan and traditional Kuantan is not lost amongst the new and modern developments. Take a stroll down Jalan Besar and you are likely to savor the obvious and pungent aroma of salted fish and squids. Across the river, there are eating stalls famous for their ‘ikan bakar’ (grilled fish), a not to be missed fare when visiting Kuantan.




A tour of the town will take visitors to the Cultural Centre at Jalan Teluk Sisek where cultural performances are held every weekend, the Tourist Information Centre at Jalan Mahkota, a batik factory at Tanah Putih and the Esplanade where tourists enjoy the scene of the Kuantan river view with its vast mangrove reserve in the opposite bank and a busy jetty on the other. In the far distance and yet visible from the Esplanade is the fishing village of Tanjung Lumpur.