Salmi English Resource Centre (SERC)

A new English Resource Centre is set up at KYP Taman Gelora Campus. Salmi English Resource Centre (SERC) was initiated last year as a tribute to Allahyarhamah Puan Salmi Kamaruddin, the Director of English Medium Instruction Transition (EMIT) program.

Salmi English Resource Centre (SERC) is located in the library at KYP Taman Gelora Campus. SERC is a center to help all second language learners, both students and staff who wish to develop their proficiency in English language. Puan Nor Aishah Hashim, Vice President of Academic, welcomed everyone to the center. 

Briefing on Salmi English Resource Center (SERC) by Yusouf 

  Tahlil and Du’a as the opening of SERC

Visit SERC and enjoy the learning aids 

 Fun games and people!

Welcome to Salmi English Resource Center (SERC) everyone!