Family Is… When We Care For Each Other

Annual Grand Meeting for Kelab Warga Kerja Kolej Yayasan Pahang (KWK-KYP) was held on 4th May 2016. The AGM was held at KYP Residential College, Tg Lumpur and attended by all KYP staff.

The AGM was held to appoint a new committee for KWK-KYP for the new term. “We are one big family. Family always cares for each other. Sometimes I raised my voice, not for fun, but for your own good. That’s because I care about you. I want all of you to be the best among the best. That is what family means,” said Dato’ Norhishamuddin Yaacob, KYP Managing Director.  

Welcome Dato Hisham!


KYP communities from all departments gather to support the program and enjoy the food