KYP New Students Registration

New enrollment for KYP for its first intake is five hundred and fifty (550) students. The number is targeted to increase during the 2nd and 3rd intakes that are scheduled on 13th June and 10th July 2017.

The registration that took place on 29th May 2017, at KYP Residential College, Tanjung Lumpur started as early as 8.a.m. even though the offer letter stated 9 a.m. The enthusiasm of early presence among the students and parents is a good sign to KYP enrollments for this year.  

“I choose KYP because I believe that KYP offers quality education and services.  Apart from that, I believe that KYP owns all facilities that I need,” said Izzat Iskandar Roslan, a student of Diploma in Accounting. In addition, Nur Nadhirah Johari, a student of Diploma in Executive Secretarialship, mentioned that, “It is my dream to study at KYP. This is because at KYP I have the opportunity to learn something new and meet new friends”.

In addition to that, En Abu Bakar Bin Abdul Karim stated that KYP’s name is now established and it gains trust from the community around. “I heard good things about KYP and that is why I supported my daughter to study here.”

There are seven (7) faculties at KYP – Faculty of Agro-biotechnology (FAB), Faculty of Industrial and Technology Management (FITM), Faculty of Creative Arts (FCAHT), Tourism & Heritage, Faculty of Engineering (FE), Academy of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language (AISAL) and Centre of General Studies (CGS).


According to KYP Managing Director, “Here, we have various fields of courses that the students can choose in order to prepare for their future. We are not only focusing on the students’ academic achievement, but also on their moral values. That is why, 2 hour halaqah and moral sessions are included in their timetables”, said Dato Norhishamuddin Yaacob. He also highlighted that “KYP stresses the use of English as the medium of instruction. In order to prepare for the ‘global’ environment, more international lecturers were recruited such as academicians from Mesir and Iran apart from the existing expatriates who are from USA, Algeria and Pakistan.  


 Dato’ Hisham welcome the new students to KYP 

KYP officers were helping the new students to complete the registration forms 


 The students fill in online application for Yayasan Pahang Grant